Ah freshly baked bread!

If only computer screens had a scratch-n-sniff function, friends.

My new signature loaves of bread. Made with unbleached white bread flour, a large quantity of yeast, salt and water. Just four ingredients. Unlike other recipes, this bread needs only a light touch and a long slumber. No kneading. It also calls for a cold oven. A unique bread indeed!

I stumbled upon the recipe at a website enchantingly called ~ ah what is not to love about a shop dedicated to pinot noir and all things vinous? Even more entrancingly, the recipe is entitled ‘Domaine de Arlot bread‘. Yes, the recipe originates in France, but through a convoluted journey in the clammy hands of a young man ended up in Tasmania, Australia via New Zealand. For more, I urge you to read the entry. I cannot out-do the recipe instructions, nor out-compete their archive of other recipes. Oh, and note, friends, that I have no fiscal reward for this recommendation. It is honestly from my heart and kitchen to your own.

Now, to the bread itself! Inside is airy, with big bubbles wedged between chewy, soft bread. The crust is crisp and slightly toothsome. It is similar to what we, locally, call ciabatta. Having never been to Italy, I cannot testify the authenticity of local ciabatta. But if you imagine an incredibly soft, flavoursome sourdough, you come close to this humble bread.

There is something about home made bread. It makes me want to spread it with butter. Or dip it in olive oil and spicy, fragrant dukkah. Or eat it simply with thick slices of home-grown tomatoes, salt and pepper.

Most of all, home made bread makes me feel. Feel something. Alive, maybe. Or connected. With nature, humanity, past generations. Do you, too, feel this when you bake?

The perfect bread to eat whilst perusing old cookbooks. I’m excited. I have found recipes for sweet biscuits named after Shakespearean characters in one of my Nana’s old tomes.

Watch this space!



3 thoughts on “Bread

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  2. Eh, have I missed something? Where is the recipe? Where are the directions? This is just my kind of bread. Hardly any work and lots of anticipated enjoyment.

    • Oh thank you Mary, please see the newly edited section of the post referring you to the recipe at I hope you find as much pleasure in this bread as I have!

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