Weekend browsing

Do you ever try to distract yourself from those you miss?

I miss my boyfriend. I also miss my brother, who is moving away to a university in a different state today. A lot. He’s only be gone an hour and a half.

I, for one, am in need of distraction. Hence this weekend browsing catalogue-of-sorts. Please feel free to distract yourself, too, friends. Or even suggest some suitable distractions… of course, those of the baking variety are always welcome.

Oh, and can I just say that these suggestions are not sponsored. They are simply things that caught my eye.

Paintings by Chagall and Matisse. I have a feeling that this weekend is going to be filled with paint.

Eating my home made yoghurt. It isn’t perfect yet, so I haven’t shared the recipe. My initial instructions came from here.

Looking at flowers. Especially these ones (here and here), as I have grown some baby seedlings in my backyard.

 Contemplating all of the sweet-spiced recipes that have swept by my radar this week.

A pull-apart bread from Acorn in the Kitchen

An ice cream recipe from a whimsy Italian blog panpepato senza pepe

And Swedish almond-cream filled cardamom buns from Notions & Notations

Planning a party where I can serve this Eton mess alongside Kir Royales.

An oat roller. Sigh. If only!

Listening to Julio Bashmore… before seeing him live in a few weeks. Groovy, head-bobbing music I can cook and dance to (at the same time). Somehow I don’t think my Nana would have been doing that.

Happy travels, friends.



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